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  • #1 Stucco, EIFS, Dryvit, Hard Coat Stucco EEFS, Drivit, Stucco Warranty.
  • #1 Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Toxic Mold Testing call us today at 727 643-3120

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  Tampa Bay Florida - Houston Texas - Clearwater Beach Florida - St. Petersburg Florida 

Always be sure to have an indoor air quality test done on any home you may buy as you never know what happened previously. We are an independant third party working for you with no vested interest in repairs. Best of FL.

   727 643-3120


We can save you money and answer your questions about stucco, eifs, synthetic stucco,hardcoat, water damage, termite infestation, elastomeric coatings, Dow Corning caulking, moisture free warranty, and stucco bond.

Many home inspection companies are new to stucco or eifs which could hurt in the sale of a home or cost homeowners a lot of money in repair costs.
We have inspected over 20,000 homes.

 Tampa Bay Florida Clearwater Beach 727 643-3120

#1 Best Inspection Company 

 727 643-3120

30 Years Experience 20,000 Inspections Completed 

Free Stucco Follow-up Inspection After Repairs Are Completed

Contact our Texas office for help today

Elizabeth Zaeske Protteau 936 525-7609

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I am fully vaccinated for Covid 19 and practice safe protocol inspections.

Scott Zaeske

October 1st, 2021

Stucco inspection starts at $395.00 includes moisture testing and full reporting.

Indoor air quality testing and mold testing starts at $295.00 includes 2 samples and full reporting.

 Scott Zaeske the first stucco inspector in the United States with over 20,000 inspections completed. Your indoor air quality testing and stucco expert I will answer your questions.